Other Organizations

The Women’s Community Action Program

The Women’s Community Action Program employed 6 NEG participants in positions of administrative assistant, program supervisors, program facilitators, and micro-enterprise specialists in order to conduct outreach workshops to the community at large in learning and obtaining different skills for the betterment of their families in any case of emergency. These workshops included Literacy in Action groups, and micro-enterprise development workshops which addressed agriculture

The Department of Youth and Women Affairs

Hired NEG participants to assist village women with replanting and harvesting pandanus plantations affected by the tsunami and flooding, and using the dried, harvested pandanus leaves to repair fine mates delivered to the worksite by community members

Inailau A Tina and Tina Mo A Taeao

Hired NEG participants. Inailau A Tina employed only women and girls, and Tina Mo A Taeao utilized men as well as women in the creation of handicrafts in their efforts to preserve the island’s cultural handicrafting work that utilizes local material.

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